The Team

Started streaming couple years back. Lately rarely stream due to a lot of work. I usually play Strategy or FPS mainly. I like just about anything though.

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David Benjamin Austria
23 years old
Stream Started: August, 2020
I stream everyday, 4 hrs a day. Love to play and watch Mobile Legends

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Hey! My name is House of Hydra, I have been a gamer for along time my first system starting with Atari, so that should give you an idea of how old I am!

I live in Alberta; Canada. I am married with 2 kids and dog named OZZY! Which you will get to know more and more, he is a part of my Gaming and Streaming life.

I love to play all games, but I mainly focus on First Person Shooters, I have been a Call of Duty gamer since I played the first one but have been getting into more Battle Royals everyday.

 I love my Retro games 8bit, 16bit, I love them all, and do not get me started with Pinball this is just a small list of games you will catch me play!

I have been Streaming
for over a year, my main home for streaming is at Facebook Gaming as a Partner but I am also on Twitch as an Affiliate. So, I get the best of both worlds!!!!!!

I am also the Owner and creator of the House of 1000 Streamers a Streaming/Gaming Group that is free for anyone to join and focuses on helping gamers and streamers learn and teach others on how to grow as a gamer and as a streamer!

The group continues to grow, and it is a great place to find those friends to game with at night it is and endless supply of Player 2’s.

You can see what and where I am all the time through my website that has everything.

1. Game Reviews
2. Marijuana Reviews
3. Open Lobbies for Followers
4. House of 1000 Streaming and Gaming Group
5. Draws and Giveaways

So if you are looking for a chill place to hang out and relax, you found it! Come and join the Brotherhood and come have some fun! Hail Hydra!

The name’s Kai Demonshard. Born on August 28 and a soon to be teacher. I’m a streamer from the Philippines who enjoys a variety of videogames. Be it single-player or multiplayer, casual or competitive (But not too serious XD), I play them.

Initially I wanted to stream myself crafting props for cosplay and play games second, but ended up doing the latter with and for people instead. XD
(Not that I’m complaining)

I’m Owley_ Belgian, 29 and work in the IT business 1st 2nd 3rd line and head of a small department.

 Worked as a train driver prior. Happily married and 3 dogs as hairy “kids”. My main focus lies on having fun, I love platforming, speedrun competitions, love RPG’s and my favorite is Grandia.

I’ll play anything that can bring me joy and fun, try to see things from consumer and dev perspective. I keep my hearth on my tongue. Which makes me a harsh critic but always with love. streaming to me is a hobby that puts my abilities to a test.

It pushes me into things I’d never otherwise venture in. Obviously my goals are to go beyond and keep pushing for the next level.

My name is Conny Hellberg, I’m 31 yrs old and live in sweden, I started streaming 2018.

I mostly stream on weekends but some months I stream the whole month for example October (scary games) and in December I stream (Christmas/snowy games or games I haven’t played yet!) I like watching games like Friday 13th, worms, Tekken and retro games!

I like to wary when gaming so I play platformers, horror, party games, fighting/brawlers also story driven fps games and not only PC, I also do play console games too and love collecting physical media as well.

Mark Tristan Apas
Age: 23
Started Streaming:
December, 2019
I stream 2-3 times a week
I usually watch/play DotA, Valorant, Warzone but I still watch streamers who play different games since they’re still entertaining.

I’m just a part time streamer trying to share my content with different people. I can only stream a limited amount of games since my pc isn’t high end but maybe in the near future I can showcase my full potential once I can stream properly.

25 years old, part-time streamer, full-time gamer. Streaming at least 12 hours a week, be sure to catch me live playin’ any game I find fun!